Top 20 NuGet IoC Packages

wham DataAccess Autofac Module. Provides IoC configuration for DataAccess library.
NuClear project messaging factories using DI Unity container
Configure storage stuff powered by EntityFramework, unity container is used for dependency injection purposes
DI Container for WPF
A property based dependency injection library for C#
A simple DI tool for WCF Service and WebAPI applications.
Tiny DI lib
Initial releaseAssistant that will bind all your services, adapters etc. with a single command, while still using any IoC you may wish, or sticking to the default MVC implementation. In your Startup.cs file invoke BindDependencies() on IServicesCollection and pass in required parameters. Every Inte...
OrionInject is a Lightweight and a Simple IOC container
Provides the configuring of IoC containers via Json files
Provides the configuring of IoC containers via CSharp files compiled in realtime
Package to handle schema in SAP Business One
Kraft Wrapper is a library that make Sitecore API injectable and unit testable. It is interface based, model of the Sitecore API, which is included auto mapping from an item to your model class.
Fast and flexible DI
Concreate Implementation of Alef1.DI using Unity
Contracts for Alef1.DI
AttributeModel.Core Extension for SimpleInjector
Attribute Promgramming Model for IoC Container
Decent Web MVC framework