Top 20 NuGet IoC Packages

Simple and lightweight dependency injection container. Supported Xamarin platforms: -Android -iOS -Windows Phone -Windows
Supported Xamarin platforms: - Android - iOS 1. Install DependencyResolver to PCL project, that contains platform depended interface TService. 2. Install DependencyResolver to Android/iOS projects. 3. Add DependencyAttribute to platform specific implementation of TServi...
Sitecore config reader with support for specifying dependency on other config files. Requires Sitecore 8.1.160302 or higher.
Core functionality required by ASP.NET MVC bootstrap building blocks.
The di4es module is dependency injection implementation in JavaScript. Dependency injection is a software design pattern that allows the removal of hard-coded dependencies and makes it possible to change them. With support IE5+ browsers and es6
Endjin's Composition extensions over Microsoft's DI abstraction
Endjin's Composition extensions over Microsoft's DI implementation
Core Knight Blades for Dependency Injection, used when Coding with Honor!
Dependency Injection utilities for use with DangrLib.
DependencyInjection pattern implementation (Inversion of Control)
Package Description
Provides nsubstitute automocking capability for structuremap.
LightFactory is one of the simplest in use, fastest and most flexible Dependency Injection frameworks
Tiny (500 lines) dependency injection library that will build your object graphs based on code configuration similar to Spring.Net's code configuration policy. Many traditional DI-containers are pretty big and solve too many problems. Containers may be easy to use, but they are complex and not every...
The goal of this project is to provide a way to inject a dependency into a virtual method with simple lightweight library (it will be used in other projects)
Light weigth depency injection framework for the .NET portable class libraries.
INJenuity is a framework written in and for Csharp assemblies with the purpose of solving dependency injection, object creation / lifetime management, and writing tedious boiler-plate code. The software engineer and the framework work together by attribute declaration, programmatically-defined confi...
Among the fastest of IoC containers. Light weight, effective and easy to use. Features: 1 interface to many implementations Auto IEnumerable Auto registration Auto-wiring Config Injection Container configuring through sub-configs Custom lifetime Eager/Lazy Singletons Injection with in-memory assem...
Extensions for WCF, including: - Dependency Injection - Custom Authentication - Custom Basic Authentication
Dependency injector