Top 20 NuGet IoC Packages

Is a simple interceptors system for .Net Standard 2.0 based in decorators of Scrutor.
Lean token extensions for issuing/validating tokens, automatically creating a private key and creating password salts. This is the API project, for concrete implementations see other projects that share this projects name
Implementing the Repository pattern for use MongoDb
Autofac extension supporting generation of NSubstitute objects.
Ninject is a lightning-fast, ultra-lightweight dependency injector for .NET applications.
Self Host extension for Ninject.Web.Common
mvc and webapi integration of Stardust.Nucleus
The PPWCode Vernacular NHibernate Castle Windsor library version II.
This library provides attributes-based compile-time AOP framework.
Unity Service Location
This package implements the core IOC provider contracts
The core of the Accord.NET Framework. Contains basic classes such as general exceptions and extensions used by other framework libraries.
Task Parallel Library for Unity (.NET 3.5)
Interceptor and dynamicProxy support for Castle.Windsor via AspectCore Framework.
ASP.NET Core support for multitenant DI via Autofac.Multitenant.
Dependency Injection (DI) TestKit support for Akka.NET
Smart navigation library resolver integration
Use Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection to inject xunit testclass. If you want write Microsoft.Extensions.Logging to ITestOutputHelper, please install Xunit.DependencyInjection.Logging Release notes: 1.1.0: DependencyInjectionTestFramework class add Configure(IServiceProvider provider) method 1...
Simple DI-container
Autofac registration module for DbExecutor and DbExecutorFactory