Top 20 NuGet Excel Packages

Convert Excel to C# object
Mini and User Friendly C# Utilities. More Details in Github Link : [ITWeiHan.MiniExcelHelper: Mini and User Friendly C# Utilities.](
OpenBi Api HostHeader
This package contains XSD files that enables IntelliSense and validation when editing `.dna` files, for example, in Visual Studio.
Folder Inspector is a command line utility that helps bulk update the headers and footers of Word and Excel files.
This assembly is a part of the Ultimate Doc Expert package ( It lets you convert Excel files to PDF documents.
Excel data importer that auto-detects headers and object type. See for usage instructions.
Programmatic report generation using Migra Doc and Closed XML. Using the NetStandard builds from Didstopia/PDFSharp and Connatix/MigraDoc
OpenBi Api Maja Ai
OpenBi Api Security
A library for Excel export/import. Builds on top of EPPlus, ExcelDataReader and AutoMapper, adding POCO mapping. The development goal is loose coupling between data mapping, formatting and data itself, code brevity and type safety.
A high performance and powerful ORM framework supporting SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Sqlite, SqlCE etc..
OpenBi Api CMS
EPPlus.Core is an unofficial port of the EPPlus library to .NET Core.
对于EXCEL导入导出操作实现 github: demo:
Lightweight and simple Excel-based reporting engine allows you to generate reports in Excel (only 2007+ format) using specially developed syntax and data providers
You can import or export your excel files easily.
Serializer for Excel-files (xslx)
File provider for Entity Framework Core (to be used for development purposes)
NoteWo ExcelHelper