Top 20 NuGet Excel Packages

Class for fast reading and writing to an Excel file
Syncfusion Grid Exporting Extension for WPF is a .NET library that contains static extension classes for exporting the content of the data grid and tree grid controls to Excel, PDF, CSV, XML, mail, and HTML formats. Learn more:
Syncfusion data grid exporting extension for Windows Forms is a .NET library that contains static extension classes for exporting data grid to Excel and PDF. Support: Incident: Forum:
Syncfusion’s Olap Grid Converter for WPF is a .NET library designed exclusively to read values of Olap Grid component and convert them into Excel, CSV, PDF, and Word documents. Learn more: Documentation:
The ExcelChartToImageConverter is a .NET class library for converting Excel chart to image without using Microsoft Office dependencies. Documentation: Support: Incident:
Use excel template in excel to export excel file quickly and easily in .net
This package is to simplify work with Excel Spreadsheet document. Даннный пакет предназначен для упрощения синтаксиса библиотеки DocumentFormat.OpenXml.
File provider for Entity Framework Core (to be used for development purposes)
ComponentOne ASP.NET Excel Services.
ComponentOne Excel Services for ASP.NET Core
Excel导入导出通用库。 官方网址: 开源库地址: 博客地址: 交流QQ群:85318032 小店地址:
SheetToObjects is a library which aims to provide developers with an easy solution to map sheets (Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, csv) to a model/POCO.
Imports an Excel into a collection of POCOs. You can specify the mappings, the source sheets, etc.
Excel data importer that auto-detects headers and object type. See for usage instructions.
RibbonFluent builder for ExcelDna, extends AddInX.Ribbon project
A reader that gets text and metadata properties from different file formats through the IFilter interface
Data transformation and anaytics library - Azure Storage Table and FlatFile Storage
ComponentOne Excel library.
OpenBi Api Maja Ai
OpenBi Api Security