Top 20 NuGet Entity Framework Packages

This NuGet package is for ODP.NET, Managed Driver applications that use Code First and/or Entity Framework 6 applications. It will add the Oracle Entity Framework assembly and auto-configure for its use. Note that this package does not include ODP.NET, Managed Driver which is available as a separate...
Supports the use of Entity Framework Core. CSLA .NET is an application development framework that reduces the cost of building and maintaining applications. The framework enables developers to build an object-oriented business layer for their application that encapsulates all business, authorizatio...
This package contains SQL-Server extensions used by other CodeGator packages. Platforms supported: .NET 4.61 or above .NET Standard 2.x or above
EntityFrameworkCore Boot Kit (EFBK) is a quick start database connecter for using EntityFrameworkCore. Support variety of databases such as Sqlite, MySql, SqlServer, PostgreSql, MongoDb, Amazon Redshift and Memory database.
Google EntityFrameworkCore Provider for Google Cloud Spanner.
Entityframework styled tool for accessing gremlin based graph databases like CosmosDB and Apache Tinkerpop A database connector based on
EFCore.Toolkit is a library which provides implementations for EntityFrameworkCore best practices, patterns, utilities and extensions.
Extension for mocking Entity Framework Core operations such ToListAsync, FirstOrDefaultAsync etc. by Moq When writing tests for your application it is often desirable to avoid hitting the database. The extension allows you to achieve this by creating a context – with behavior defined by your tests –...
EntityWorker is an object-relation mapper(ORM) that enable .NET developers to work with relations data using objects. EntityWorker is an alternative to entityframwork. is more flexible and much faster than entity framework. And it have support to multiple providers like mssql, sqlite and postgressql...
Records performance and tracing information for EF interactions while your application runs. Designed for use in a production environment, it extends the Loupe Agent with features specific to Entity Framework 6 and works with any EF provider.
Layer to access database with Unit of Work, Repository and Entity classes for Entity Framework Core.
EntityFrameworkCore extensions for Etl.Net
.NET Core command-line (CLI) tool to generate Entity Framework Core source files.
This package contains Entity Framework LINQ extensions used by other CodeGator packages. Platforms supported: .NET 4.61 or above .NET Standard 2.x or above
The Hood CMS is a full content management system providing a solid backbone to any website. Created by George Whysall.
A .NET Core Extension for Entity Framework Core to enable Realtime Capability.
Storage implementation for Service Registry ( using EntityFramework
Storage implementation for Service Repository ( using EntityFramework