Top 20 NuGet Entity Framework Packages

Provides AutoHistory utilities for Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.
Triggers for EF Core. Respond to changes in your ApplicationDbContext before and after they are committed to the database
Database Viewer with custom configuration
JSON support using System.Text.Json for Pomelo's MySQL provider for Entity Framework Core.
Package Description
Dynamic Linq extensions for EntityFramework which adds Async support
The ExtCore.Data.EntityFramework extension component. Based on the ExtCore framework.
Entity Framework 6 (EF6) is a tried and tested object-relational mapper for .NET with many years of feature development and stabilization.
Extensions to make AutoMapper easier to work with Entity Framework. Project to collections and items, decompiling calculated properties along the way
EntityFramework Extensions
Package Description
The Loupe Agent for Entity Framework Core - automatically record performance and diagnostic information for EF Core data access. Download additional agent extensions for extended integration with different .NET Core subsystems and third party libraries.
The Platformus.ECommerce extension component.
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An abp module that provides standard tree structure entity implement.
EF Core stores implementation for TheIdServer.
Elastic APM for Entity Framework 6. This package contains auto instrumentation for Entity Framework 6. See: