Top 20 NuGet Entity Framework Packages

Assembly containing a NetFusion plugin allowing for bootstrapping of EntityFramework contexts..
Entity Framework Core is a lightweight and extensible version of the popular Entity Framework data access technology. Commonly Used Types: Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.DbContext Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.DbSet
Entity Framework Core Second Level Caching Library.
Supports events for entity inserting, inserted, updating, updated, deleting, and deleted. Also events on insert failure, update failure, and delete failure.
EntityFrameworkExtras.EF6 provides some useful additions to EntityFramework such as executing Stored Procedures with User-Defined Table Types and Output Parameters. **IMPORTANT** - Entity Framework Core: - Entity Framework 6: https://www...
DbContextScope was created out of the need for a better way to manage DbContext instances in Entity Framework-based applications.
I-Synergy Entity Framework for .Net Core 3.1
Shared code for EntityFrameworkCore3Mock
Adds hierarchyid support to the SQL Server EF Core provider
Adds hierarchyid support to the SQL Server EF Core provider
This package contains the classes and methods to work with Entity Framework Core
A mocking library that creates EntityFrameworkCore (EFCore) system mocks using an EntityFrameworkCore provider and NSubstitute. Includes support for queries/keyless db sets, FromSqlRaw/FromSqlInterpolated, ExecuteSqlCommand/ExecuteSqlRaw/ExecuteSqlInterpolated, and async LINQ operations.
This is a shared package. It is not intended for direct reference. It is consumed by the LightQuery and LightQuery.EntityFrameworkCore packages
EFCore.Toolkit is a library which provides implementations for EntityFrameworkCore best practices, patterns, utilities and extensions.
EntityFrameworkCore UnitOfWork Repositories
Package Description
Fluent API for executing asynchronous database commands
Fluent API for executing asynchronous database commands