Top 20 NuGet Entity Framework Packages

Dynamic Linq extensions for Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore which adds Async support
Ce package contient les assemblys sattellites du français pour Entity Framework
JSON support using Newtonsoft.Json (JSON.NET) for Pomelo's MySQL provider for Entity Framework Core.
A library which is able to decompile a delegate or a method body to its lambda representation
EntityFrameworkCore PostgreSQL migrations for Quartz.NET
Log exception details and custom properties that are not output in Exception.ToString(). Contains custom destructurers for Entity Framework Core exceptions.
EasyQuery extensions for Entity Framework 6
EntityFrameworkCore migrations for Quartz.NET
Add EntityFramework Core IQueryable support to GraphQL
LinqKit.Z.EntityFramework.Classic contains extensions for LINQ to SQL and Z.EntityFramework.Classic. Include(...) and IAsync are supported.
Tag Entity Framework 6 LINQ queries
The ExtCore.Data.EntityFramework extension component. Based on the ExtCore framework.
Classes utilitárias dependentes do entityframework
EntityFramework persistence layer for Duende IdentityServer
Provides the UnitOfWork pattern for Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.
Provides the Repository pattern for Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.
Provides the QueryBuilder pattern for Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.