Top 20 NuGet Entity Framework Packages

Entity Framework layer for the administration of the IdentityServer4
Bing.Datas.EntityFramework.SqlServer是Bing应用框架的EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer数据访问类库。 Bing是一个.net core平台下的应用框架,旨在于提升小型团队的开发能力,由常用公共操作类、架构基类、第三方组件封装、第三方业务接口封装等组成。
Bing.Datas.EntityFramework.PgSql是Bing应用框架的EntityFrameworkCore.PgSql数据访问类库。 Bing是一个.net core平台下的应用框架,旨在于提升小型团队的开发能力,由常用公共操作类、架构基类、第三方组件封装、第三方业务接口封装等组成。
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Adds extension methods to deal with concurrency using EntityFramework.SqlServer. Contains handling for: - Conflict handling: Dublicate keys / Double Adds - Conflict handling: Add / Update - Conflict handling: Update but deleted in the meantime - Ignore Deleted in the meantime errors - Ignore Dublica...
LinqKit.Z.EntityFramework.Classic contains extensions for LINQ to SQL and Z.EntityFramework.Classic. Include(...) and IAsync are supported.
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[This package will be deprecated in V 3.0, consider moving to 'Stardust.Paradox.Data.Providers.Gremlin'] Connector for CosmosDb using the document client
Supports netcore standard2.0
CatFactory Package for Entity Framework Core
This package is a placeholder for a future EF Core port of the Umbrella.DataAccess.EF6 package.
Infrastructure project setup for building modern enterprise applications using EntityFramework or Azure Table Storage.
Fixes for EntityFrameworkCore
KVLite is a partition-based key-value cache built for SQL RDBMSs. This package contains an Entity Framework query cache provider.
Glimpse is a web debugging and diagnostics tool used to gain a better understanding of whats happening inside of your web application. Provides Glimpse tabs for EF6.
The files and references that are essential for a Breeze ASP.NET Web API 2.2 client and server on Entity Framework 6. (Not for use with .NET Core or ASP.Net Core)