Top 20 NuGet Entity Framework Packages

The Platformus.Configurations extension component.
The Platformus.Configurations extension component.
The Platformus.Configurations extension component.
Async extensions based on EntityFramework for MR.AspNet.Paging.
Entity Framework Core implementation for Service layer
Entity Framework Core implementation for pagination
Entity Framework implementation of Data layer
Early preview of some testing helpers for using Moq with Entity Framework.
AppBoot.Repos repository implementation for Entity Framework.
Custom Entity Foundation (CEF) is a high level customized entity library wirtten in C# .Net Core. CEF is with high flexible & business oriented abstract layer. It could be used in any .net project to serve as an entity service.
Entity Framework Core provider for Apache Hive.
Woodman.EntityFrameworkCore.Bulk provides bulk operations for SQLServer, Npgsql, and In Memory Entity Framework providers.
Entity Framework implementation of FCore.Interactions
Le projet LilaSoft.Patterns.EventBus.EntityFrameworkIntegrationEventLog est un fork du projet du repository eShopContainers afin de faciliter mes futurs développements. Comme tous mes forks issus de ce projet, ils sont issus à changement suivant l'évolution de mes besoins.
基础设施 - 仓储基础 - Entity Framework Core实现
Audit trail for EntityFramework Core
Datasource for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (a.k.a. Dynamics CRM) OData Web API for the SSSIEntityFramework
Clases genéricas para implementar paginación con filtrado y ordenamiento dinámicamente del lado del servidor. PWFO: Pagination With Filtering and Ordering.