Top 20 NuGet Entity Framework Packages

RoundhousE is a Professional Database Change and Versioning Management tool. This brings integration with Entity Framework Migrations. This allows you to generate SQL files for use with RoundhousE or just to give to your DBAs in cases where RH is not able to be run across all environments. NOT...
此套件包含 Entity Framework 的繁體中文附屬組件
Entity Framework provider toolkit. Code from, refactored.
Implements the Domain Context pattern for EntityFramework 4.1, by extending the DbContext with support for rich domain modeling capabilities for persistence ignorant aggregate roots and dependent entities, including automatic graph saving, logical deletes and more.
xUnit tests for netfx-Patterns.DomainContext.EF
An EntityFramework implementation of data access for AmazonDynamoDBStub.
A visualization of the entities and their relations as tracked by Db- and ObjectContext
Contains a modified branch of EF (DbModelStore) for improved startup performance. For further information, please read my blog post.
LoopGen - Super Easy Way to Continuously Generate EntityFramework POCO code from Your MSSQL Database. Cloud Based Code Generator - Continuously generate .NET C# EntityFramework DbContext and POCO Objects from Your MSSQL Database. It’s super easy to use!! How It Works: - Create a unit test ...
Allows you to use SQL Server types on a machine without SQL Server installed.
Interfaces project for the ScopedUnitOfWork library. Can be safely referenced from layers such as domain (if following onion architecture or similar) since it does not have any heavy framework references (like reference to ORM or similar)
Useful LightDataInterface extensions for WebApi.
This package contains an entity-framework adapter for the CG.Security package.
EntityFramework 的 MySql数据库提供程序。
Cheers data finder and repository implementation with EntityFramework
Projeto em andamento. Biblioteca com classes base de infra para arquitetura de microserviços utilizando DDD
This package contains a SqlServer EntityFramework provider for the CG.Domain package.
This package contains a SqlLite EntityFramework provider for the CG.Domain package.