Top 20 NuGet Entity Framework Packages

IBM Data Server Provider for Entity Framework.
Framework de funcionalidades para Repositorio com Entity Framework Core e Sql Server
Conversations is a very simple .NET Standard library to help you manage conversations inside your app. This package includes implementation entity framework.
Brandless.EntityFrameworkCore.Migrations Class Library
Code generation (bulk insert and repository templates) and runtime classes
A compatibility shim to extend MPTT functionality to EntityFrameworkCore projects
Generic services for Entity Framework Core
batch insert & delete
Package Description
Contains a test harness for executing EntityFrameworkCore tests against an in-memory SqlLite provider
Base package for Entity Framework
Custom Aspnet Identity 2.1 EntityFramework!
Package Description
基于 Autofac 为 SDDP.EntityFramework 提供默认注入的支持。
db views support for Entity Framework Code First
Data access implementation for Security infrastructure for Entity Framework.