Top 20 NuGet Database Packages

Base implementation of the repository pattern to be used with Libria.Session library
A .NET library to make operation with HarperDB Example : using HarperDB.NET HarperDBClient harperDB = new HarperDBClient(serverURI, userName, password); await harperDB.CreateSchema("SchemaName"); await harperDB.CreateTable("SchemaName", "TableName", "id"); await harperDB.InsertRecord("SchemaName"...
.NET Data Client Framework based on native queries and with optional Linq support.
Set of static code analysis rules for Tibre-compliant projects
Transform entity-relationship domain into a set of relational tables
This provides a framework for managing logons and all database operations.
Database Context with default EntityBase and BeforeSave / AfterSave hooks
Graph Database with built in inference. Enables you to manage complex business and AI knowledge. The Datumtron API represents data as a graph of fundamental units called “datums” that are connected by a single fundamental relation called “is”. Any higher-level data structures or relations are constr...
xUnit helpers
Provides developers with libraries for the Azure Database for PostgreSQL under Azure Resource manager to deploy an instance of PostgreSQL. Create, Update, Delete, Restore, and more.
MainApp Database
Code Generator via PowerShell
Advista API SQL Tools
This library includes secure enclave providers for .NET Framework applications using Always Encrypted with secure enclaves. An enclave provider implements the client-side logic for the attestation protocol and for establishing a secure channel with a secure enclave inside SQL Server.
Uses memcached as the cache provider for NHibernate..
NHibernate with async support, works on .net 4.5.2
Similar to NHibernate.Caches.SysCache, uses ASP.NET cache. This provider also supports SQL dependency-based expiration, meaning that it is possible to configure certain cache regions to automatically expire when the relevant data in the database changes. SysCache2 requires Microsoft SQL Server 2000...
Libreria de conexión a SQL Server para ASP.NET MVC
A simple framework for mocking a database in .Net
Glimpse Plugin for PetaPoco