Top 20 NuGet Azure Packages

Microsoft Azure IoT Edge Core native runtime for Windows 10.
A library to make life easy when using Azure Table Storage for data storage and retrieval.
Microsoft Azure IoT Edge Core native runtime for Debian 8.
Provides DocumentDB management (Fluent) capabilities for Microsoft Azure.
Microsoft Azure Management Storsimple 8000 series library
Azure Function Helper for Service Bus Interactions
Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services Authentication Library for Windows
This client library is refreshing the Azure Active Directory Token in the background. To run an automatic token refresh, add one line for the main view of the application: <script src="/Scripts/refresh-token.min.js"></script>
Uses Azure DocumentDb Core provider to seamlessly integrate into ASP.NET Core Identity Framework.
Cake addin for loging in to Azure Resource Manager.
This package provides the MSBuild, local run and deploy tools that support the CI/CD of Stream Analytics Visual Studio projects. You can find detailed instructions in readme.txt file
Azure notification Messaging component does not provide all api's e.g.(Send Notification, Get Tags). This package covered below features in first release. 1. Send Notification directly from app without backend system. 2. It communicates with azure notification hub using SAS Authentication mechanis...
Enables to develop an external class library in order to reference inside an Azure AppFunction project.
I/O ,R/W operations are carried out by ORM plugin used in the TrimConnectsql..
SDK for working with managed APIs and connections hosted in Azure App Service. Azure App Service platform abstracts different SaaS providers and makes easy to work with them with common contract.
Core libraries for Sentinel
Library for logging and buffering log entries into Azure service bus
Package Description
Provides Microsoft Azure Traffic Manager management operations for Microsoft Azure including the ability to create, update, list, and delete Traffic Manager profiles and definitions.