Top 20 NuGet AJAX Packages

A basic key/value Configuration Builder for the .Net Framework that draws from a json file.
This package implements the Serialization provider contracts via Json.NET
Json configuration provider for .net dependency injection
My Ajax Upload helper for mvc web projects HTML Helper to add complex input control to your MVC page
A library for instantiating serializable MailMessage objects.
The tool converts Visual Studio resources (*.resx files) into client-side js-files for loading via RequireJS i18n plugin (see or i18next (see
Asp.Net MVC HtmlHelper method for creating links generating a modal CRUD actions using Jquery and Ajax with MVC Juste use as example: @Html.ActionModalLink(Url.Action("IndexPartial", "documents"), Url.Action("Edit", "documents",new { id = item.IdDocument }),null, null, ActionType...
Serializer First Release
User-friendly json C# library with serilization on .NET 3.0 Easy load and dump Easy manipulating, no need to create objects yourself with many "new" Support serilization
Convert strings and files into JSON friendly strings.
Simple json file persistence
Package Description
DotNet Standard 2.0 client API for the Delta Json Rest Service
DotNet Standard 1.4 client API for the Delta Json Rest Service at
Dot Net Standard 1.4 Library that performs operations on the DeltaJson dx_delta data format using the ubiquitous JSON.Net library.
Package Description
Cross platform Json based licensing for products and services.
This package includes a mostly complete port of the Utf8Json(for more info see: assembly to support .NET 4.0 and newer.
Package Description
Find differences in 2 Json Strings/Objects.