Top 20 NuGet AJAX Packages

Asp.Net MVC HtmlHelper method for generating paging control for use with PagedList library.
Provides JSON (de)serialization support using Newtonsoft.JsonNet.
A C# implementation of Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR), a general-purpose binary data format defined in RFC 7049.
“Json.NET is a popular high-performance JSON framework for .NET” ** This is a repackage of the third party Newtonsoft.Json project for use with ThinkGeo's Map Suite product line. ** ** You should not need to reference this package directly, it will be a dependency of other Map Suite packages. ** ...
Nethereum.Parity.Reactive, Reactive Client Subscriptions pub / sub for Parity
JSON, XML, Database, CSV, EDI and Excel Data Mapper (Runtime Library). Download Liquid Data Mapper 2019 from the project page.
Adds an implementation of IByteSerializer based on Utf8Json
This is the YARM converter.
SignalWire development kit for operating with services.
Chromely CefGlue Gtk implementation library - this is in .NET Standard 2.0 as it can be used in both .NET (Windows) and .NET Core (Windows, Linux). Chromely.CefGlue.Gtk version naming is based Chromely and Chromium versions implemented- major.minor.chromuim version.patch e.g
扩展 邮件 Json 序列化 POST Get 枚举 验证 config文件操作 获取汇率
Утилиты для работы с файлами формата G-code для платформы .NET
A simple library for parsing json strings into structured json data
WampSharp above Fleck, Newtonsoft.Json and WebSocket4Net
Polly.Caching.Serialization.Json is a plug-in for the .NET OSS resilience library Polly, supporting serialization to and from Json using Newtonsoft.Json
A Report Generator for BDTest
Stimulsoft Dashboards.WEB for .NET Core allows developers to implement the required data visualization and their own infographics in .NET Core projects. The product has the ability to apply the necessary filters and sorting, aggregate data, perform calculations of any complexity. The advantage of th...
Stimulsoft Reports.Wpf is a reporting tool that is developed for WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation). Rich capabilities of rendering, viewing, printing and exporting reports – it's all about Stimulsoft Reports.Wpf. The product uses the reports engine for creating reports which is based on the many...
GraphQL Conventions for .NET