Top 20 NuGet AJAX Packages

Stimulsoft Reports.Net is a .NET based reporting tool which helps you create flexible and feature rich reports. All reports are created in a report designer with handy and user-friendly interface. Using Stimulsoft Reports.Net you can create reports on the basis of various data sources. Created repor...
JmesPath.Net is a fully compliant JMESPATH parser.
Configure a .NET application from a variety of sources.
Returns JSON-formatted diagnostic information about the changes from your original images to your resized/processed images. Plugs into ImageResizer. REST API example: image.jpg?diagnosticjson=layout Docs: Support: ...
Catel.Serialization.Json library.
This is the Flurl.Http package, repackaged with strongly named assemblies. See for the official project.
JavaScript logging package that lets you log exceptions, AJAX timeouts and other client side events in your server side log. Supports ASP.NET 4.x (.Net 4.5.2+) and ASP.NET CORE (.NETStandard 2.0+).
A cross platform library to convert sql queries into json.
Newtonsoft.Json support for Ark.Tools.Nodatime extensions classes
A type-safe .NET-library for consuming web APIs
Simple REST and HTTP API Client
A library for building REST API client wrappers to be used by .NET Standard 2.0 apps.
Deprecated. Use the strong named ServiceStack.Text package instead.
.NET REST Client Framework for all platforms
Utf8Json ASP.NET Core Mvc Input/Output Formatter.
Handles encoding, decoding and validation of JSON Web Signature (JWS) objects, as defined in RFC 7515.
Client library for tgstation-server
API definitions for tgstation-server
Yaml extension to Cinchoo ETL framework
AdsJumbo SDK for C++ / IL2CPP / DirectX Windows 10 apps and games. Monetize your Windows 10 app or game with banner and interstitial ads with top revenue and 100% fill rate. AdsJumbo advetising SDK supports UWP, Unity3D and HTML5 apps. Increase your revenue opportunities by putting ads in your Unive...