Top 20 NuGet AJAX Packages

Implements methods to build REST queries with JSON as parameter and result. Supports URI and query string parameters.
CAS - Content Addressable Storage (Json Serializer).
F# JSON Reflection based serialization library
WampSharp above Fleck, Newtonsoft.Json Newtonsoft.Msgpack and WebSocket4Net
Bytescout PDF Extractor SDK for .NET, ASP.NET, ActiveX - extract data from PDF documents
Stimulsoft Reports.Web is a reporting tool designed to create and render reports in Web. Stimulsoft Reports.Web will provide the complete cycle of report designing, starting with report templates and ending with showing them in a browser. And this can be done without closing a web browser. Stimulsof...
Stream-based server and client handler for CXuesong.JsonRpc.Standard.
A typed message-based .NET client gateway for accessing Stripe's REST API. Used by to process merchant payments and recurring subscriptions.
Provides JSON and XML serialization infrastructure using the ServiceStack.Text implementation.
Development library support for .NET
Reddit.NET is a .NET Standard library that provides easy access to the Reddit API with virtually no boilerplate code required.
SpanJson ASP.NET Core Formatter is the ASP.NET Core formatter package for SpanJson for ASP.NET Core 3.0+
RQL is a resource query language for REST. It provides a simple and light-weight API for adding dynamic querying capabilities to web-applications that use SQL-based database.
Pre-Release of the conizi semantic models implemented in C#. Please use this library with care. It is not yet stable!
Provides JSON serialization infrastructure using the Newtonsoft.Json implementation.
Stimulsoft Reports.Net is a .NET based reporting tool which helps you create flexible and feature rich reports. All reports are created in a report designer with handy and user-friendly interface. Using Stimulsoft Reports.Net you can create reports on the basis of various data sources. Created repor...
Package Description
Allows for configuration based XML and JSON transformations at build time.
Accessory to Persian calendar, string extensions, encryption, ip, log and rest api for .Net. You can easily use it.
PagedList makes it easier for .Net developers to write paging code. It allows you to take any IEnumerable(T) and by specifying the page size and desired page index, select only a subset of that list. PagedList also provides properties that are useful when building UI paging controls.