Top 20 NuGet AJAX Packages

Small utility for loading/saving properties of .Net classes as string values into app.config file or other sources(Json/XML,...)
RESTful Json WebApi
Gives you the possibility to strip the data you want to send over your REST-Service based on the query of the client
This prerelease version contains an optimized serializer serializing: • Value Types • Strings • System.Collections (most types) • System.Collections.Generic(most types) • Types implementing IEnumerable. All versions have the optimized serializer core and specific optimizations for many types in pla...
Collection of simple pieces of reusable code designed such that dependencies aren't forced upon consumers of its packages. Package is shipped as source code.
Fast, reliable, easy to use, fully compliant, thread safe C# JSON library for server side and desktop operations. Open sourced under MIT license.
This library enables serialization an object of any type to string format (xml/json/base64) and to deserialize a resulted string back to object instance. Also it supports to implement a custom serialization strategy. 1. Serialize : serializes an object to string (depends on type xml/json/jsv/...
This is a diagnostic extension for changing property name to Pascal Case with Json.NET.
A Nuget Package for Contains Json.NET MediaTypeFormatter for Web APIs Which Enables You to Use Json.NET Serializer as The Default Json Serializer for Your Web APIs.
A really simple C# JSON parser.
Tiny Fast Json Parser Support Multiple Indexing, Json Object And Json Array.
.Net library for strongly typed access to REST Api's
Generate An Api Result In Json Or Xml Format With A Single Anonymous Object.
ResxToJson i18n ng2-translate The tool converts Visual Studio resources (*.resx files) into client-side json/js files for loading via RequireJS i18n plugin ( or i18next ( Please see detailed documentation on Project Home (GitHub) - https:...
Microsoft Avro Tools for .NET Core 2.0 and .NET Framework 4.5.1.
Quick snakecase json serialization .net core library
This library contains the Json formatter extensions for .NET Core HttpClient and HttpContent.
Ling wherif,stringTojson等等的工具类
Logger engine which writes logs in json format.