Top 20 NuGet AJAX Packages

Json Configuration Manager is a small library to instantiate objects from JSON files. GitHub
Tweak is a library that helps you to create strongly typed settings read from different sources e.g. appsettings, json etc.
Jot is a .NET library for use with JSON Web Tokens (JWT). Jot will take care of all your JWT creation, encryption(hashing), and verification for you. Jot was made extremely flexible, if you want to use your own hash algorithm, serialization, or set custom claims it's all there for you. What set's Jo...
NAME CHANGE. PLEASE RUN Install-Package RestClient.NET
Json.Net Snake Case Contract Resolver
Core library contains the core classes and basic components for building custom integration processes. Integround Components is a collection of open source integration components to help you build custom integration solutions easily. These components can be used in any .NET application to mak...
A command line interface for combining json files.
Are you doing simple read and write tasks with JSON.NET (or even System.Runtime.Serialization.Json)? Do you want to partially process your JSON payload? Are you running it in a tight loop? Are you wondering why there's so much pressure on the garbage collector? Do you want something even faster? If ...
Serializer for HybridDB
Cake addin to help read a build configuration from a json file.
Cake addin to help pack/publish nuget packages.
JsonCpp is a C++ library that allows manipulating JSON values, including serialization and deserialization to and from strings. It can also preserve existing comment in unserialization/serialization steps, making it a convenient format to store user input files.
Json Database
Utils for .NET applications + Serializers for object to JSON and XML + Object Binder for NameValueCollection to Object + Safe converter for any object type to another object type + Regular Expression patterns for many string format + Extension methods for some actions + Hash utils for crypto + File...
Reads configuration from json files.
Converts JSON tokens using autofac.
Provides support for serializing and deserializing JSON-RPC 2.0 messages
MaulingMonKey's Json Writer API. No, the world didn't really need another JSON writer library. Yes, I wrote one anyways. Project Goals: - Zero Allocations - I should be able to use this to report heap corruptions. Payload limits are a feature (tm). - Cross Platform - any C++03 compiler should wo...
ASP.NET Core support for JSON PATCH.