Top 20 NuGet WebApi Packages

Useful Classes yo use in the presentation layer Web API
Application service's dynamic proxy for Zaaby and core
Helpers for Asp.Net WebApi services.
Helpers for Asp.Net WebApi services.
Create WebApi from SQL Server Stored Procedures
Simple oppinionated abstraction on top of the Web API for SPA's
The files and references that are essential for a Breeze Sharp client
Seamlessly adds a Swagger to WebApi projects!
This package allows you to add maps and perform GIS spatial operations within your WebAPI application. It provides classes to work with most GIS data formats, display popups, allow spatial drawing, manage projections, perform spatial operation and much more. Visit our website and wiki, link below, t...
OWIN middleware for HTTP Basic Authentication in OWIN/Katana applications.
Enables SIML and OSCOVA architecture based bots to be hosted on Web API, as Website Widgets, Discord and Telegram
Core functionality for AttributeRouting ASP.NET MVC and Web API packages.
This package contains classes for issuing App Service Authentication tokens. For more information, check out
Package for supporting OWIN when using Microsoft ASP.NET Web API Compression Support
This package contains an HTTP message handler to validate signed http requests with the Medidata MAuth protocol. The handler communicates with an MAuth server in order to confirm the validity of the request authentication header. Include this package in your WebAPI application if you want to authent...
Provides OWIN Middleware to access LiquidProjection over HTTP.
WinFriedSE Hub .NET Client
Taurus.mvc is a simple mvc or webapi framework for or core(适合场景:对性能和并发有较高要求的电商、站点、WebAPI等系统,支持.Net Core)
Microsoft Extensions DependencyInjection ASP.NET Web API Integration
restful api