Top 20 NuGet WebApi Packages

CacheCrow is a simple Key-value, LFU, Time based, thread safe Cache. It works on 2 layers, Active and Dormant cache. In-memory serves as Active whereas disk sits as Dormant Cache. LFU algorithm in conjunction with data time-expiry is used to make data servicable.
Core functionality for all AttributeRouting packages.
Middleware to expose an embedded version of the swagger-ui 3 from an ASP.NET Core application
Swagger Generator for API's built on ASP.NET Core
Swagger tools for documenting APIs built on ASP.NET Core
tzxx web development sdk
Interface/BaseClass/Attribute/exception for Zaaby framework.
This is Marvin's JsonPatch document compiled in .NET Standard. JSON Patch ( defines a JSON document structure for expressing a sequence of operations to apply to a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) document; it is suitable for use with the HTTP PATCH method. The ...
Tool to capture request at run time
此套件包含 ASP.NET Web API Client Libraries 的 繁體中文 附屬組件。
此套件包含 ASP.NET Web API Core Libraries 的 繁體中文 附屬組件。
此套件包含 ASP.NET Web API Web Host 的 繁體中文 附屬組件。
Toolbox for the agile development of .Net Web Api projects.
Helper extensions to configure Swashbuckle Swagger and Swagger UI to use OAuth implicit grant with Azure AD b2c
Provides a way to seamlessly add NAME to a WebApi project.
Extends the WebApi integration with SignalR support.
Extends the WebApi integration with Swagger support.
CodeGenHero is an amazing Visual Studio extension that enhances developer productivity via code generation. This package should be added to projects that are the target of CodeGenHero templates creating WebApi controllers.
Beetle WebApi Controller Api.
Web API que contiene los métodos que usa el componente Delta Grid MVC, contiene las operaciones básicas Insertar, Eliminar, Buscar, Enlistar, Modificar, entre otras