Top 20 NuGet WebApi Packages

KVLite is a partition-based key-value cache built for SQL RDBMSs. This package contains a Web API output cache provider.
A lightweight library to perform common REST API calls.
Redbridge C# library for WebApi and Owin
Middleware to expose an embedded version of ReDoc from an ASP.NET Core application
Community Contributions for ASP.NET Web API
This is a legacy package for hosting ASP.NET Web API within your own process (outside of IIS). Please use the Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi.OwinSelfHost package for new projects.
Seamlessly adds a Swagger to WebApi projects!
Seamlessly adds a Swagger to WebApi projects! Compiled for .NET 4.5 and up. This helps with mono compatability and does not require any assembly redirects.
Redbridge C# library for WebApi and Owin
An advanced application framework designed to make enterprise apps development simple, featuring enterprise data access patterns such as generic repositories, query definitions, user management, authentication, security, push notifications, and more. For the server data access counterpart, please in...
Provides powerful data access components to WebAPI server featuring OData 4 extended implementation, view projection technology, two-way data synchronization and seamless integration with Entity Framework. For the client counterpart, please install Intersoft.AppFramework package.
AttributeRouting for ASP.NET Web API lets you specify routes using attributes on your API controllers and actions.
Server library for CacheCow project
Create WebApi from SQL Server Stored Procedures
Use Ninject as your IoC container of choice with WebAPI and CQRS.NET
Core data access library for any Breeze Server
Seamlessly adds a Swagger to WebApi projects!
IdentityServer is a framework and a hostable component that allows implementing single sign-on and access control for modern web applications and APIs using protocols like OpenID Connect and OAuth2. It supports a wide range of clients like mobile, web, SPAs and desktop applications and is extensible...
Core elements for DataTables.AspNet.