Top 20 NuGet package Packages

NuGet API wrappers simplifying nuget package management in websites at runtime
Postmen API, SDK
Library that works.
host sdk for kivi package management
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Package description
NuGet Packup is a tool to create a NuGet package for the project, with getting values from AssemblyInfo.
Compares two NuGet packages to determine if the Major and Minor version are semantically correct based on the publicly exposed classes/methods.
My Package Description
Check if Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages are installed.
The Dynamo Package Manager .Net Client.
Manage NuGet package sources from the NuGet PowerShell Console. Allows you to add, remove and update package sources.
NuGetPackageUninstaller - removes a package from all projects with just Uninstall-PackageAll packageName
Discover package sources from a given URL. If no URL is given, http://nuget.<networkdomain> will be assumed.
Treats the "linked" folder in an dependend nuget package as an additional special folder and adds it's contents as link to the solution
simplifies using tools in other nuget packages
MPF Implementation of VS Projects
This is a test package created by the NuGet team.
PVC Build Engine