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Simple test of creating nuget package. This example prouved that DependencyService works fine with Nuget mechanics (at least on Android devices). Use case: Create an empty PCL/Shared project -> Install this package -> In App.cs, replace the line where finds "Text" by "Text=DependencyService.Get<II...
Create nuget package on build project with 'CreateNuget' configuration. Please try not to edit files inside Script folder. Specify nuget server path and api key inside Settings.xml in CreateNuget folder.For publishing package execute command 'Publish-Package -source "Nuget server path" -apiKey "api ...
Trirand Package description
Test Package
Its a test nuget package
Test of publishing a NuGet Package. It'll be hided in a few houres
Just a Smaple Package
The Boerman.Mail package which has some logic for sending templated mails and so on.
John Package
Package description AntixssLibrary