Top 20 NuGet package Packages

NuPack Extension .NET 4.0+ provides interface to extends NuPack
This is my first test netstdapp2.0 nuget package
Boxes.Windsor integrates the powerful Castle.Windsor with Boxes.Core to provide a solution for developing compositional applications.
Boxes.Integration utilises Boxes.Core to provide an API to integrate with an IoC container.
Convention based nuget package creator build as msbuild script
Package for programming VBA Macro Office
Compress JS, CSS and optimise PNG files in your Web project on Publish. Combine JS and CSS into single files and remove references from your layout pages. Uses YUI Compressor for .Net for JS and CSS and PNGOUT.EXE
deployd package for packaging - CD for Windows
A bootstrapper for NuGet packages
Brings all web related TestEasy packages to the project: WebServers, Azure, WebBrowser, NuGet helpers
Wrappers and abstractions around Selenium and Selenium Grid functionality supporting all major browsers interactions
Common configuration, helper and abstraction classes used by other TestEasy packages
This NuGet package adds configurable MSBuild tasks to your project so that you can easily create and publish NuGet packages automatically after your project is built.
Html Helpers that provide badges and links to associated Github and Nuget projects. @Html.NuInstall("package") @Html.NuPanel("package", @html, ...) @Html.GhForkme("user/repo", [color], [side]) @Html.GhDownload("user/repo", [font]) @Html.ShBadge(shType.downloads_nuget, ...) @Html.Code(@html)
Simple package to take screenshots
Set AssemblyInformationalVersionAttribute in AssemblyInfo.cs when build project.
Base classes, objects and extension methods for Luminous Software Framework
Library for writing OLE 2 Compount Document file format.
Base classes, objects and extension methods for YD Framework
Boring first package that does nothing