Top 20 NuGet framework Packages

Mobile framework to develop hybrids apps with iOS & Android native look and feel. + Font Awesome Icons
CQRS module.
DDD module.
EventSourcing module.
Skahal's infrastructure framework used in games and apps.
This is the console application for Edison, to be used when running tests. Edison is an open source unit/integration test framework for .NET.
Exprimental fork of Framework for UI Automation Testing. Web, Mobile, Desktop
DataMapper T4
OpenShare.Net Common Library. Many common extension methods for making life simple from IEnumerable, Impersonation, String, WCF Services to Encryption. See source code on Github by using the project url.
OpenShare.Net Threading Library. ConcurrentCache is a new in-memory cache system that is generically typed to IDictionary and is thread safe. Client Pool is generically typed and plays well with TPL (Task Parallel Library) for any disposable clients. See source code on Github by using the project ur...
The Microsoft Store Services SDK includes advertising and engagement frameworks. After adding this NuGet to your project, add a reference to the extensions you want, such as "Microsoft Advertising SDK for XAML" or "Microsoft Engagement Framework" (may require reopening project).
Component-based framework for CLI.
helps with filtering on a XML field in sql server
Framework para camada de domínio
unit test freamework
Classes for support of Focus Setting framework for scoping of application context
The reflection-based C++ unit testing framework. SlothUnit aims to be really simple to use, expressive and easy to setup. More than anything, trying to be really familiar to your usual C++ code, so you are not required to study it in-depth to be able to start using it fluently (no learning cu...