Top 20 NuGet framework Packages

Package Description
System.Numerics for .NET Framework 2.0, 3.5. This is a backport from .NET Core.
Client framework for App Man remote application manager
ORM Wrapper
High performance web framework based on Ice Core
YummyConsole is a console drawing framework for Windows that holds an objective oriented design for you to use to easily draw on the console.
Bulk insert for a single class and TPT type inheritance using entity framework. No limitation on the number of records that can be passed. Now supporting string, number, guids, date, datetime, datetimeoffset and boolean types. Instead of passing the dbcontext everytime, just set it once while dec...
Wpf Caret is a customisable framework element can be used to easily implement caret in your app...
Persistence Framework
LyonL.Data.Entity package
The module that implements Deveel Repository pattern for abstracting the Entity Framework functionalities
Chess Framework Portable Library simple implementation of chess games in .NET.
ADSPrev core framework security
Core framework ADSPrev Processo
Core framework ADSPrev IdentityServer
Simple calucaltor for .NET Framework
Simple library with EF helpers.
Basic classes for working with databases and services
A simplistic and robust video game engine for .Net Windows Forms, based entirely on managed code and GDI+ graphics (authored in Visual Basic .Net).