Top 20 NuGet framework Packages

Core framework ADSPrev Processo
Core framework ADSPrev IdentityServer
Simple calucaltor for .NET Framework
A simplistic and robust video game engine for .Net Windows Forms, based entirely on managed code and GDI+ graphics (authored in Visual Basic .Net).
Package Description
Tofu Framework - Non-Functional Essentials
A light weight repo for Entity Framework.
Lightweight Test Automation Framework (LTAF) for ASP.NET runtime dependencies
Library of helpers for testing
The Domain Seedwork Application Block provides the most basic classes and interfaces to the domain layer of a nlayered DDD solution. It's one from CodeDDD, that is a set of lightweight app blocks with the goal of help on the development of nlayered DDD applications
Collection of classes to help with creating an ASP.NET MVC website.
WCF RIA Service for Code First Model
Object Release Verification Framework. Allows you to verify that object are released after some set of operations.
System.Data.Entity Repository Extension
EFHooks simplifies the task of hooking code into EF Code First's extension points and separates concerns to make it easy to unit test your hooking code.
FB RLT Logging Framework
Classes to help with creating an ASP.NET MVC3 application.
Classes to help working with entities in an ASP.NET MVC4 applications.