Top 20 NuGet Packages

Razor based view engine for Jessica, a micro web framework..
Spark based view engine for Jessica, a micro web framework..
LightCore is a lightweight dependency injection container which can be used as a service locator, too. Despite its simplicity and its lightness there are lots of features to explore. The library was written in C# for .NET 3.5 and above, with an eye on simplicity and clean code (Clean Code Develope...
An easy way to monitor your ASP.NET 4.0 application's cpu and memory usage. It also shows you all the exceptions your application is throwing, whether they are swallowed or not.
An implementation of the Common Service Locator interface using the Munq IOC Container. 3.1.5 Changes dependency to Munq.IocContainer 3.1.5 to fix Request Lifetime instance issue. All packages same version. 3.1.3 Fixes the dependency version for CommonServiceLocator 3.1.2 Implements IDis...
The ASP.NET Sprite Helper allows you to use sprites and image inlining in ASP.NET MVC 3 and ASP.NET Web Pages projects.
The ASP.NET Sprite Web Forms control allows you to use sprites and image inlining in ASP.NET 4 Web Forms projects.
Adds an implementation of PagedList that uses AutoMapper to emit ViewModels
UI Extensions to the MvcContrib Project - Themed Grid & Menu
NauckIT.PostgreSQLProvider is a PostgreSQL implementation of the ASP.NET 2.0+ Membership, Role, Profile and Session-State Store Provider. NauckIT.PostgreSQLProvider is released under the MIT/X11 license.
A very simple repository for PetaPoco, becuase you have better things to be getting on with!
This sample AccountController demonstrates the use of SimpleMembership.Mvc3 with Mvc3 for Authentication and Membership. The included SimpleMembershipAccountController can be used as a drop-in replacement for the default AccountController in the Mvc3 Visual Studio project template. This package assu...
Makes your life easier to develop multiplatform applications
Web.Require is client dependency framework for ASP.NET MVC
A Glimpse plugin that displays Windows Event Log entries from the server.
Adds Razor DisplayTemplates that match the default templates embedded in System.Web.Mvc. These are meant to serve as a starting point for creating your own display templates. They also add a little bit of magic to make ASP.NET MVC applications testable by SpecsFor.Mvc.
Provides configurable web.config section encryption during app start, before global.asax's Application_Start is fired.
MiniProfiler integration for Entity Framework. This package is Obsolete. Please use the MiniProfiler.EF5 or MiniProfiler.EF6 package instead.
ASP.NET MVC3 specific package for the Lightweight mini-profiler. We attempt to automatically hook up as much as possible including EF code first. This package is optional.
ServiceFabric.Extensions.Configuration use Service Fabric configuration packages as source for ASP.NET Core configuration system