Top 20 NuGet Packages

Create modules for using a base class that helps you subscribe to application events easier than before and in a unit testable manner.
This module allows you to always respond HTTP404 at any requests except special users. The behavior of this module looks like "App_Offline.htm" but controled by appSettings section in web.config, and provide login form appeared only "back door URL" access.
For the default, .NET have the SqlRoleProvide which only works on Sql Server with the predesigned database schema. This is not a flexible way. .net MVC4, a new class "SimpleRoleProvider" which can work on most database and enable user to define their database chema. Unfortunately, this class can't b...
This library allows you to describe user names and passwords into appSettings section! This library benefit for ASP.NET Web apps on Windows Azure Websites or AppHarbor, provide very easy way to light weight account administration. / ユーザー名とパスワードを appSettings 構成に記述できます! このライブラリは Windows Azure We...
Starter kit for building a SPA with ASP.NET MVC, TypeScript, Knockout, Durandal, and Breeze. To use start by creating an empty MVC4 application and then apply this nuget package using: Install-Package SPAcify
Way to manage parameters after hash(#) and access query string in single page web applications.
This Nuget Package will help in providing html helper in ASP.NET MVC4 to create a basic DataGrid with Paging. This Package need AngularJS and BootStrap & font-awesome css.
Web.Maps.VE is the first ASP.NET Ajax Bing Maps Server Control. Allowing you to integrate Bing Maps mapping functionality into your ASP.NET Web Forms applications.
Пакет поставляет готовый к использованию селектор контроллеров для web api. Вы можете легко модифицировать его, для своего проекта, чтобы получить именно тот вариант, который вам нужен.
This package can be used to keep track of the version of a database.
Lightweight mini-profiler, in particular designed for ASP.NET MVC sites (then ported to support .NET 3.5 Webforms sites)
After install this ASP.NET HTTP module, the web application (even if PHP) receive the modified user agent string that is legacy "MSIE 11.0" style when accessing from IE11 or higher. / この ASP.NET HTTP モジュールをインストールすると、IE11 ないしはそれ以降のバージョンからのアクセス時、その Web アプリ(PHPであっても)は旧来の "MSIE 11.0" 形式に...
Enables implementing themes for ASP.NET MVC
This small library enables an MVC application to update many parts of the HTML in one request-response roundtrip.
HTML field surgery.
ASP.NET Boilerplate - Core Module - Application Layer
ASP.NET Boilerplate - Core Module - Infrastructure - NHibernate
ASP.NET Boilerplate - Core Module - Web Layer
ASP.NET Boilerplate - Core Module - Web Api Layer
ASP.NET Boilerplate - Core Module - MVC