Top 20 NuGet microsoft Packages

Common types which are shared by the various authentication middleware components.
此程序包包含适用于 OWIN Web 应用程序的 ASP.NET 主机的简体中文附属程序集。
A set helpers and tools for the Microsoft Azure platform.
ASP.NET Server Side Library for The Identity Hub. The Identity Hub makes it easy to connect your app to all major identity providers like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linked In and more. For more information see
Microsoft Team Foundation Server Extended Client Integrate with Microsoft Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Team Services from desktop-based Windows applications. Work with and manage version control, work items, and build, and other resources from your client application.
Microsoft Azure Management Storage Library
This package provides Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to be used as the communication mechanism for Service Fabric microservices.
ASP.NET Core MVC API explorer functionality for discovering metadata such as the list of API-versioned controllers and actions, and their URLs and allowed HTTP methods.
OWIN server that enables OWIN-based applications to run on IIS using the ASP.NET request pipeline.
Middleware that enables an application to protect and validate JSON Web Tokens.
Middleware that enables an application to support Facebook's OAuth 2.0 authentication workflow.
此程序包包含 Microsoft Owin Security Facebook 的简体中文附属程序集
此程序包包含 Microsoft Owin 的简体中文附属程序集
此程序包包含 Microsoft Owin Security Microsoft Account 的简体中文附属程序集