Top 20 NuGet microsoft Packages

此程序包包含 ASP.NET Web Pages 3 的简体中文附属程序集。
Middleware that enables an application to use cookie based authentication, similar to ASP.NET's forms authentication.
Middleware that enables an application to use Microsoft's technology for authentication.
Entity framework 6.x provider for Microsoft Access (Jet) files
An extensions library for both EPPlus and EPPlus.Core packages to generate and manipulate Excel files easily.
This library provides a host for distributing change feed events in partitioned collection across multiple observers. Instances of the host can scale up (by adding) or down (by removing) dynamically, and the load will be automatically distributed among active instances in about-equal way.
The SQL Server adapter of the Quermine library.
此程序包包含 Microsoft Owin Security Microsoft Account 的简体中文附属程序集
Middleware that enables an application to support Twitter's OAuth 2.0 authentication workflow.
此程序包包含 Microsoft Owin Security Twitter 的简体中文附属程序集
此程序包包含 Microsoft Owin Security 的简体中文附属程序集
此程序包包含 Microsoft Owin Security Google 的简体中文附属程序集
Middleware that enables an application to support the Microsoft Account authentication workflow.
Provides a set of helper types and abstractions for simplifying the creation of OWIN components.
This package contains the components to enable Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) in OWIN middleware.
Contains middlewares to support Google's OAuth 2.0 authentication workflow.
Common types which are shared by the various authentication middleware components.
此程序包包含适用于 OWIN Web 应用程序的 ASP.NET 主机的简体中文附属程序集。
Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) is a powerful logging mechanism built into the Windows OS and is used extensively in Windows. You can also log ETW events yourself code using the System.Diagnostics.Tracing.EventSource class. The TraceEvent library conains the classes needed to control E...
Use this for Microsoft Azure Notification Hubs back end operations. It adds Microsoft.Azure.NotificationHubs.dll to your project. Notification Hubs support sending push notifications to Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, Amazon, and Baidu. For more information on Notification Hub, p...