Top 20 NuGet json Packages

A simple NLog target that posts Json to a http endpoint. Dependencies ------------ Currently using ServiceStack.Text for serialization and HttpClient to post asynchronously. Usage ----- Visit the GitHub project site for usage, examples & source!
Simple JSON based settings library for applications.
Json Configured Reverse Proxy
Useful JSON converters and helpers
A .NET library for converting entities to and from JSON.
A database solution allowing for an easy way to store any object as a flat file in either json, bson or encrypted bson format.
.Net library for TopoJSON and GeoJSON types and corresponding Json.Net (de)serializers.
Read web api data from json format and convert to a class file.
JsonConfig.lqs is ported from JsonConfig by Timo Dörr. The original JsonConfig is great, but when I find that with it I can create only one Default config, only one User config and only one Global config in an AppDomain, I decides to create this new port. The main difference to original JsonConfig i...
Small extension class for Newtonsoft.Json
Serializer(s) meant to be used in conjunction w/ the log4net.Ext.Json library.
Discio allows you to store and manage data using a local JSON file. Discio is not intended to replace a NoSQL database but it can be used as one for rapid prototyping or when only small amounts of data need to be managed (ex. Settings, roaming profiles, etc.).
DynamicConfig is a very simple to use configuration library based on the C# 4.0 dynamic feature.
Xamarin Javascript Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE) and JSON Web Token (JWT) Implementation for .NET 4.0+ Ultimate Javascript Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE) and JSON Web Token (JWT) Implementation for .NET 4.0+ Minimallistic. Full suite of signature and encryption algorithms. Supports g...
A method of doing configuration with JSON files in .NET
An extension for the FileManagement package that conatins a JSON.NET serializer.
A minimal C# library for managing json config files in the .net framework
THIS PACKAGE IS NOW OBSOLETE. GO TO JWT (JSON Web Token) Implementation for .NET (Public Domain). Compatible with the .NET Execution Environment (DNX). Based on version 1.3.4 of JWT
Asserts for testing serialization using Newtonsoft.Json