Top 20 NuGet WebAPI Packages


Simple to use library for returning custom / vendor media type headers when using Web API. Register types explicitly or by convention with overrides, excludes and required custom interface options. eg. application/vnd.yoursite.customer-v1+json
This is a simple class for spinning up an ASP.Net Web API self host. I use it regularly within my test code.
Hyprlinkr route dispatching based on Drum
BMW C# SDK for the BMW i3 hackathon
Library for managing Eve Online SSO authentication.
Library for accessing the API.
Library for accessing the API.
Library for accessing the API.
Library for accessing the API.
Library for accessing the API.
Library for accessing the Eve Online XML API.
Marvin.HttpCache is a complete implementation of the RFC2616 Http Caching standard for use with HttpClient, for all .NET Framework platforms (Windows Store, Windows Phone, WPF, WinForms, Console apps). Make sure to check the project site for the current status and to learn how to get started.
This is a .NET portable class library for the Telerik Platform Analytics Public API, see
Creates email messages from localized files or text strings using Razor templating engine.
.NET API implementation Check out full description here:
This is the first publicly available .NET wrapper developed for Qualys SSL Labs Assessment API's that allow the consumer to test SSL servers on the public internet. This wrapper easies the communication to the API's for .NET developers which allows you as the developer to focus on your project rath...
A fakes framework for restsharp
Connector to Web page
HttpCross Extensions (Cross Platform) Supported Platforms: - .NET Framework 4+ - Windows Store - Windows Phone 8+ - Silverlight 5 - Xamarin IOS/Android - PCL
Provides a wrapper around the CloudAtCost API, allowing you to control your servers from your .NET application