Top 20 NuGet WebAPI Packages


Package Description
Riot Api wrapper for .NET Core.
Js2Cs allows web applications to easily transtion between frontend and backend code. It does this by generating javascript wrappers for C# code. It can be used with standard mvc controllers. Currently only dotnet core is supported.
Log4Net appender which sends logs to the New Relic Insights using API calls.
Login process for WinForms
Library for using Deviantart API from C#
Implementation of Spotify authorization flows for UWP apps.
Implementation of Spotify authorization flows for ASP.NET Core apps.
Client for the YCharts API
A .Net helper for Facebook's Graph API
A simple .NET Framework + .NET Core (using .NET standard) library for controlling your smart home via the Telldus Live! API and a Telldus TellStick. Turn lights on, off, dim them and so on.
A simple package that adds the ValidateModelAttribute for ASP.NET Core MVC usage.
C#/VB .NET library to communicate with an obs-websocket server
Package Description
A simple C# Google URL Shortener API client.
An API for accessing Plex Media Servers and the connected clients. This requires a PlexPass subscription to work correctly.
LINQ friendly wrapper for consuming the FogBugz API
Rest library for consuming apis in a fluent and strong typed manner.
An official asynchronous .NET API Wrapper for the Shinden APIs.