Top 20 NuGet WebAPI Packages


C# Framework to work with Path of Exile's public stash API
Unofficial Mixer chat api
Yandex.Direct API library for .NET.
This is an unofficial port of MercadoPago's PHP SDK. The same examples and documentation applies to this version.
LinkedIn API toolkit Majority of the LinkedIn API has been implemented. Sample and examples can be found at
Another .NET client for the YouTrack 5.x REST API
MVC API is a Web Api framework built on top ASP.NET MVC.
This is the CSharp client for Datalanche's REST API.
An opinionated IronMQ client for .Net developers. We take care of the flow, you take care of the Go.
CloudShare API C# SDK See documentation here:
ScriptCs script pack for Fluent Automation
A Portable Class Library C# wrapper for the Parse REST API. Can be used with .NET Framwork 4.0 and higher, Silverlight 4 and higher, Windows Phone 7.1 and higher, and .NET for Windows Store apps.
Library to get access to CloudFlare REST API. This library encapsulates the requests to the API and avoids dealing with HttpRequest objects. An active CloudFlare account IS REQUIRED. More info at
D2L Valence RestSharp authenticator class library for C#/.NET.
The library provide those features : - The queries are cached, and only requeried if there is changes; - Requesting informations can be optionally done asynchronously, as it allow the use of the new keywords of .NET 4.5, async and await; - Can grabs the item’s images (small and large version), and c...
C# client for the Marvel API built on dynamics. Full async support for all API calls.
RestSharp wrapper for Marvel's API.
REST Toolbox including a REST client and helpers for creating consistent REST API service calls
A .NET library for Provides easy access to how the Swedish parties think.
WebAPI2Construct simplifies the integration of ASP.NET Web API with Construct 2 game engine by Scirra