Top 20 NuGet Unit Testing Packages

A tiny testing library for your IoC container.
Another Test package that doesn't do anything
Helps iisexpress.exe automation.
Create a temporary database (localDb/SqlExpress) for testing
Testing SymbolServer and debugging
Automagic Model Factory
SeleniumShim uses implicit retry until timeout loops within calls to FindElement and user actions on IWebElement objects which solves race conditions and problems with 'stale' references to WebElement.
Akka support for BDD style testing
Testing lib
Official Multiworld Testing Exploration Library including C# interface
Fake implementations of base classes in System.Web for unit tests
Generate test data
Common functionality for the Alias framework
Fully Functional Object Oriented Implementation of an IrcD Server
Generate and pick random data for testing
This Framework provides generic libraries needed for test automation using any Test automation tool which is based on writing tests in c# programming language.
Helps sqlcmd.exe automation.
Forca Hello World Nuget
ATF Toolbox .NET version
Note: For Ranorex 7.2 and above use the new NeoLoad package: Package that integrates NeoLoad functionality into the Ranorex system.