Top 20 NuGet Unit Testing Packages

Simple tool to diff object graphs.
Do you use the Xceed WPF DataGrid and want to run tests against a virtualizing collection? You've probably noticed that the virtual items don't realize under test. The realization is tied to some voodoo inside the WPF implementation. I've found that by pumping the WPF dispatcher you can make the vir...
Utility for accessing private methods, properties and fields. Handy for unit tests.
.Net Micro Framework Unit Testing Library
XtUnit is a unit testing extension for .Net based frameworks. It uses the interception application block to provide runtime abilities of rolling back any changes that were made to the database during Data related unit tests.
A library for filling your testing objects with realistic test data.
A fluent assertion module for PowerShell. Part of the PSST PowerShell Suite for Testing.
A mocking library for PowerShell, including dyamic mocks, multiple context levels, call tracking. Part of the PSST PowerShell Suite for Testing.
A test runner module for PowerShell, supporting TDD- and BDD-style test cases, NUnit-compatible test results, batch running or ISE F5 testing, and setup/teardown constructs. Part of the PSST PowerShell Suite for Testing.
Some simple utilities for unit testing in .Net
Construct models easily with lambda expressions.
Teddy Mocks is a simple, light-weight mock framework designed for TypeScript developers. It is type safe, refactorable, uses lambda-syntax, and supports the AAA style of unit testing. Teddy Mocks should feel familiar to .NET developers who like frameworks such as Moq.
Squire fluent unit testing API.
Provides common testing utilities as well as common Fakes assemblies.
Provides a simple means to generate random strings and sentances for test data Usage instructions can be found at
Utility methods for unit testing model validation in ASP.NET MVC. Enables you to execute validation on a model object from a unit test. This way you can test if your validation annotations are working properly, for example. Also allows you to perform validation of a (view)model against ...
A lightweight, micro-benchmarker for .NET.
The base class TestFixture provides a registry for test features which are automatically disposed after each test case.
Assert multiples properties when comparing an object and get the right feedback :-)