Top 20 NuGet Silverlight Packages

Deprecated. Use the unified package AsyncBridge instead.
Silverlight 5 Chat, Full-duplex Publish-Subscribe -pattern on TCPIP concept demo (WCF F# and SL F#)
Contains the free Silverlight based Menu and Datagrid controls from DevExpress
一套实用且常用的Silverlight控件(A practical and common Silverlight controls)
Describe behaviour in plain text using the Gherkin business language, i.e. given, when, then. Easily execute the behaviour against matching F# tick methods (let ``tick method`` () = true) or attributed C# or F# methods.
Caliburn.Micro.Focus is a set of extensions, conventions and viewmodel base classes that extends Caliburn.Micro for development using WCF Ria Services.
Example of SignalR with F-Sharp (and Silverlight 5 or Javascript): - SignalR is a library (for web-based Publish/Subscribe -pattern) on top of WebSockets, which is HTML5 API that enables bi-directional communication between the browser and server. SignalR will fallback to other techniques and...
A fast, declarative dependency injector for .NET and Mono
Among the fastest of IoC containers. Light weight, effective and easy to use. Features: 1 interface to many implementations Auto IEnumerable Auto registration Auto-wiring Config Injection Container configuring through sub-configs Custom lifetime Eager/Lazy Singletons Injection with in-memory assem...
A Metro Character Progress Control The Progress Control could be used in following platforms: Windows 8 (WinRT) Windows Phone 8 (WP8) Silverlight 5 (SL5) WPF (WPF4.5)
CityLizard Framework allows developers to design strongly typed XML and HTML using .NET languages, such as C#, VB, F#, Nemerle. The project inspired by LINQ to XSD and Sharp DOM.
Crossdomain.xml and Clientaccesspolicy.xml for website and services which need siverlight client to crossdomain access
Silvelight library which helps developers handling browser close event (onbeforeunload).
This is a convenient Windows and Windows Phone multi-language API for making Internet connection state decisions in real time, using the speed result to decide if/when to run your network-intensive code. This API does not need to eat a bunch of network bandwidth to do it's job. This API fills a s...
Manipulable control for Silverlight
Accengage SDK.
Toggl Switch for WPF based applications, use this switch for highly customized WPF Applications.
some classes and wrappers to emulate deprecated interfaces in incompatible environments.
When you install the Windows Phone SDK this file can be found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows Phone\v7.1\Libraries\Silverlight however that doesn't make it very friendly when people open it without the SDK or you want everything in one place so this simple Nuget package solves that.