Top 20 NuGet Silverlight Packages

Simple in memory cache.
A collection of universally useful XAML value converters, behaviors, and styles.
Method Chaining base UnitTesting Extension Methods for Silverlight Unit Test Framework. This provides only single .cs file.
MicroSliver is a micro, non-bloat, non-intimidating and speedy .NET (ASP.NET, Silverlight, RIA Services, WPF, Forms and Metro!) dependency injection container which has just the essentials. Contains dependency injection support for Metro .NET (WinRT) and extensions for Silverlight & Metro MVVM, RIA...
OQuery is a library which gives you a fluent style interface for building OData Url Fragments in javascript or C#.
Library that allows you to fluently call restful services from Silverlight 4.0.
Extensions for Silverlight comboboxes to implement loading ComboBox contents asynchronously, cascading ComboBoxes, and using ComboBoxes for Entity associtations.
Silverlight.js is a helper file which enables Web sites to create advanced Silverlight installation and instantiation experiences.
Silverlight unit testing framework. Add to a Silverlight 4 application, then follow instructions in Readme.txt.
Silverlight unit testing framework for Windows Phone 7
A binary, reflection based serializer for Silverlight, WP7 and .NET, written in C#. This NuGet package is an unofficial fork containing SL, WP7 & .NET libraries.
Multilevel Silverlight 4.0 menu and context menu. The control provides ease of use and flexibility by using, as template, the standard ListBox most of us are familiar with. It can use existing themes and supports shortcuts, access keys, keyboard navigation and can be wired to one or several elements...
GzipWebClient makes it easy to perform gzip-compressed HTTP downloads on Windows Phone without introducing dependencies.
Integrates google analytics into silverlight application.
Upload files component using HTML5 FileReader API features and Silverlight fallback if browser doesn't have support. Provides a bullet proof mechanism inspired on TCP/IP send and receive packages with the corresponding ACK. The files are uploaded by chunks sized as configured, defaults to 4...
Simplifies Isolated Storage access for Windows Phone 7 and Silverlight 4+
Part of the Coding4Fun Toolkit for Windows Phone with only the Network library. Items such as a GzipWebClient are in it.
Part of the Coding4Fun Toolkit with only the Storage library. It provides an easy to use wrapper open and save data via serialization.
Part of the Coding4Fun Toolkit with only the Audio library. It provides an easy to use wrapper to get audio data from the microphone.
Simple InversionOfControl implementation for multiple .NET platforms.