Top 20 NuGet Silverlight Packages

Light weight toolbox for the MVVM pattern
The small and smart MVVM framework made with ❤ for Xamarin.Forms.
DataAnnotation and Validation Framework for Winforms
Small toolkit for WPF applications using MVVM pattern.
Extension of SwollenMvvmToolking.Core to integrate with Calibur.Micro framework.
A MVVM - ViewModel first Bootstrapper (Navigation + Dependency Injection + Properties Injection)
WPF helper classes
This NuGet adds the MVVM ViewModelBase class for usage in WPF. All classes that inherit from ViewModelBase will have the INotifyPropertyChanged interface, with the caller member name attribute. There are also 2 useful classes. RelayCommand - allows you to create an anonymous command using lambda exp...
Module for non-exception based property validation
Prototype of Elm inspired immutable MVVM library for Wpf
Atteched behaviours for common operations with focus
A very rich implementation for ICommand pattern with 24 types of commands that meet all the requirements.
Provides core functionality for WPF applications.
Utilities for the MVVM pattern
Kinglot.Web provide ajax service extjs client ui. join to build client MVVM web applications.
A WPF support library
DevExpress MVVM
WPF implementation of a clipboard monitor to signal if the clipboard content has changed. This implementation is Forms free and can also be used by MVVM. Documentation, example code and source code included.