Top 20 NuGet Patterns Packages

Repository EntityFrameworkCore Core 1.0.0
DescriptionGeneric Code for repository that automap a Datable to Object
Persistence layer for sitecore using glass.mapper
Common library for MVC applications leveraging EF fluent api, IoC, and Repository patterns.
Framework para camada de repository utilizando NHibernate
File Management solution integrating 3rd party storage providers such as S3 and dropbox.
A dll for quickly setting up a NHibernate Repository
StackExchange.Redis implementation of the RevStackCore repository pattern
A dll for quickly setting up a NHibernate Repository
IO generic repository pattern abstraction
A wrapper for mongo database repositories
Simplifies Layered Application Development. Provides base classes for data layer: Generic Repository, Unit of Work, etc Uses Entity Framework see
The repository of entityframework 6 design by AUV.Core for framework 4.5
This package contains a selection of methods for getting products and categories in UCommerce. These methods differ from the default methods CatalogLibrary by getting all the product data in a single query to prevent multiple database queries.
This package working based a specific structure. all mapping classes must be inside context project.
Entity Framework Context Library (ECL) provides DbContextFactory to support mutliple DbContext instances within a UnitOfWork transaction scope through UnitOfWorkManager, using Entity Framework 7.
Just a helper with persistence functions for a basic infrastructure using EF