Top 20 NuGet Patterns Packages

UnitOfWork Pattern
This is an entity framework manager which assists in deploying base repository for models, caching of result and transaction base architecture
Abstract code for EF repository pattern
This package contains a DAPPER based SQL repository for the CG.Configuration package.
Provides tools and guidance for creating data access contexts and repositories.
Template for new, empty MVC4 projects to integrate AngularJs, MVC4, WebApi. Implements a client side Repository pattern and C#-Like controllers.
A simple repository pattern implementation for entity framework code first.
The module that implements Deveel Repository pattern for abstracting the Entity Framework functionalities
Provides utilities and contracts to implement the Repository anti-pattern with advanced query features
DapperContext is a DbContext-like implementation for Dapper, supporting the Unit Of Work pattern and simplifying usage with repository classes and IOC containers.
Code generation (bulk insert and repository templates) and runtime classes
data library
Generic Repository insrastructure for .NET
A light weight repo for Entity Framework.
Logic Data Access is a IQueryable Repository pattern implementation for LINQ To SQL and In-Memory storages.
An implementation of RepositoryController that requires OAuth authorization for API actions.
EF Repository for Ndf
Tired of rewriting your repository interface whenever you start a new project? This package provides a boilerplate repository interface and you can choose to provide your own implementation or use one of the existing Juanagui.Repositories implementations.
System.Data.Entity Repository Extension
Dao para utilização do mongo db - utiliza recursos do projeto mongorepository