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A generic Entity Framework repository with a fluent interface to provide a flexible query API. All the benefits of being able to build queries through method chaining without having to return IQueryable from the repository.
A simple implementation of the repository design pattern.
ComBoost.EntityFramework is Wodsoft's entity repository technology using Microsoft's EntityFramework for applications.
An EntityFramework generic repository with graph management
Offering you a complete abstraction of the UnitOfWork-Pattern with the basic CRUD-Operations, the Repository Pattern and extended functions like CustomRepositores all in one small lib. Made for the Entity Framework.
Repository Pattern Implementation for Amazon DynamoDB
The in-memory implementation for the generic repository.
Реализация стандартного CRUD на базы EF Code first.
Хелпер для авторегистрации репозиториев библиотеки Rikrop.Core.Data.
A .NET library for using SQL - It is not an ORM, it is not a query builder. JaSql is a library that helps you keep SQL queries in one place and use them with ease.
DCommon data adapter for Entity Framework
Get your Umbraco data in strongly typed models
Simple implementation of Repository Pattern written in C#
Biblioteca responsável por centralizar classes e métodos genéricos e padrões para acesso a banco de dados.
Library that assists in using ADO.NET and Entity Framework in the same work unit.
This package is contains Entity framework base context, fake context, Repository and Unit of Work framework
A generic repository pattern for use with EntityFramework. This library also supports accessing multiple DB context in the same project.
Repository implementation around entity framework
This package contains the Dapper.Accelr8 Repository component. It is provided in a different package for those looking to break their repository out from their SQL implementation classes.