Top 20 NuGet Logging Packages

Xamarin Logging provider
Interface for NetStandardLogging package. Provides the most basic functionality of logging for .Net Standard 2.0 and .Net Core 2.0 projects. The project allows logging to a file or the console, with timestamps, and with the minimal of a json config file.
Package Description
Package Description
Provides different logging providers. ErrorLogging, Tracing, TransactionLogging
Contains functionality to add logging to an application using the Microsoft Enterprise Library's Logging Application Block
Log4Net logging support for Infrastructure.Core
Trace logging support for Infrastructure.Core
Core logging utilities and abstractions.
This package contains the logging libaray built around Microsofts Trace Source libaray.
Log errors and other messages. Currently supports Logstach over TCP.
PortiLog is a portable logging class library for Windows Store and Windows Phone 8 Apps and Portable Class Libraries. Tools are included.
Logging trace data to text file or Event Log
Logging extensions for Unity IoC
Provides logging capabilities
Log4Net adaptor for... A fork of Common.Logging that supports Global and Thread Contexts for NLog and Log4Net. Obsolete now that this has merged back into Common.Logging (version 3.0).