Top 20 NuGet Logging Packages

Xamarin.Forms plugin to handle cross platform logging. If initialized error and fatal log messages is reported to Xamarin Insights. Ensure you call Logging.Init(); in each platform roject.
ShipOS.Logging Class Library
FLC Logging Framework. Please see Author for config instructions
Contains logging module which was created with Indigo Project
The Logging Agent is a .NET library for writing log files
Tavisca logging framewok
The apj .net development framework logging component.
Nameless Framework Logging Log4Net Assembly
Nameless Framework Logging Log4Net Assembly
FlyLogging Class Library
Fz.ServerLogging Class Library
testing nuget package
Minimalist library to facilitate logging needs.
Mohicansoft.Blogging.EntityFramework Class Library
Mohicansoft.Blogging Class Library
Contract for AddIn.Logging