Top 20 NuGet Linq Packages

Wrappers and extensions to the .NET collections and LINQ.
QueryScope was inpired by the gem has_scope for Rails. QueryScope will filter any IQueryable<T> based on the current request variables and any custom named scopes applied.
Use LINQ query operators with Microsoft .NET Chart Controls (
Mennion.Common provides useful code for developing asp net mvc projects
Unofficial fork of the Mongo C# Driver v1.8.1 that supports loosely typed linq queries and explicit boolean comparisons against method call expressions
Utility extension methods for Entity Framework. Includes Between for strings, greaterthan, lessthan. Recursive for IEnumerable is also a part of this package.
Monadic Parser Combinators which were designed to work well with LINQ.
pogo lets you save .NET POCOs (plain old CLR objects) directly to the Google Cloud Datastore and use LINQ to query.
A bunch of useful extension methods
This Linq to Google Analytics Provider is a fork (hosted on GitHub) of the project located on Codeplex ( With this library, you can build queries against Google Analytics and get your data back much like you would with mature LINQ providers built for databa...
Provides an easy way to abstract a data object model into a projection object model, that can be exposed to external consumers (WCF services, assembly consumers, REST APIs, etc.) without exposing data model information in order to filter, sort and transform query results.
Ordered collection algorithms.
Provides some useful utility functions for working with Linq Expressions: * GetPropertyInstance * GetPropertyName
Linq In Javascript
$linq is a Javascript (and TypeScript) version of .NET's Linq to Objects, with some query operations inspired by MoreLinq (an extension to Linq to Objects).
[4.0] TNX.CSV assembly adds features like CSV read/write Extensions and feature: + IEnumerable<T>.ToCsvStream + DataTable.ToCsvStream + IEnumerable<T>.ToCsvResponse (HttpResponse) + DataTable.ToCsvResponse (HttpResponse) + Stream.FromCsvDictionarly (enumerable of) + Stream.FromCsvDynamic (enumera...
My package description.
Extension library for Javascript with strong Typescript support. This is a lightweight library to aid in data manipulation and transformation.
A library that contains nice-to-have functionality that is missing in the .NET Framework.
A library that adds weighted searches to LINQ collections.