Top 20 NuGet Linq Packages

Treenumerable.VisualTree.WPF is a general purpose library for enumerating, traversing and querying WPF's visual tree.
Treenumerable.VisualTree.Silverlight is a general purpose library for enumerating, traversing and querying Silverlight's visual tree.
FAST N SMALL. Covert an Excel File (.xls and .xlsx) to object oriented IEnumerator based on class that matches the same name as the columns. No need of interop or any other reference. See website for sourcecode!
A .Net library for composing reactive collections providing monadic types to support LINQ.
The package contains the latest ObjectMapper .NET compilation.
A few LINQ Extensions which we find useful, and you may, too.
A library for quickly reading excel spreadsheets with LINQ.
Shmapper is a lightweight mapper for Sharepoint lists (2010 and 2013) for CSOM. Maps ListItem fields to strongly typed entities and provides handy interface to work with them.
Extended LINQ support for XPression
MathExtensions is a library for .NET that aims to provide useful extensions methods regarding various mathematical domains, like combinatorics, sequence analysis, sequence generation, sequence manipulation, random extractions, etc.
LINQ provider to MOZ API
A package of extensions for LINQ.
This is the base package for RxApp that is used to build platform agnostic view models. Additional platform specific packages are available that support databinding view models to platform specific views.
enumerablejs brings the .NET linq api to javascript.
Using the power of LINQ but from JavaScript! Uses standard JavaScript Arrays and just add LINQ-esq extensions.
This is based on. NET and XML database product technology development. Feedback :
Rxe is a tool for developers using reflection and invoking methods, property read/write and constructors. Rxe precompiles these methods for each supported types so each call timing is very close to hard coded method invocation.
A minimod for converting LINQ MemberExpressions into strings representing the path to the member.
A minimod that provides a base class that implements the INotifyPropertyChanging and INotifyPropertyChanged interfaces
With Visual Studio's multi-targeting and LINQBridge, you can write LINQ to Objects (local) queries using the full power of the C# 4.0 compiler and yet create programs that require only Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. LINQBridge is a re-implementation of all the standard query operators introduced with...