Top 20 NuGet F# Packages

Utils.SourceText is a library for F# that allows you to store coordinates of different parts of code on the usefull way.
Abstract lexing common stuff.
Abstract parsing common stuff.
Core of YaccConstructor: IL, common functions, grammar transformations, managers and checkers.
Official F# binding for mForex API
OWIN extensions for creating a HashBang web application.
Pretty printing library. Contatins interface for migration from Text.StructuredFormat.
Simple syncable key-value database, based on SQLite
A tiny type provider to use Slack API
FSharp functions for streaming graph data to gephi a graph visualization tool
YaccConstructor runtime
F# friendly wrappers for the NPOI library.
Official MongoDB.Bson package contains no preconfigured serializers supporting typical F# types. This package tries to close the gap
BERT serializer and BERT-RPC client for .Net
The F# Charting Gtk library (FSharp.Charting.Gtk.dll) is a cross-platform variation of of FSharp.Charting. It can be used on Windows, OSX and other platforms supporting Gtk.
This library is for the .Net platform implementating a type provider for Amazon S3.
JSON mapper for System.Json
This library is for the .NET platform implementing a state machine type provider.
FsEye listens for additions and updates to variables within FSI sessions, allowing you to reflectively examine properties of captured values through a visual interface. It also allows you to programmatically add and update eye watches, effectively ending the era of printf REPL debugging.
Easily query your Hive database in F# projects