Top 20 NuGet Excel Packages

Its Bharat
Excel Interop library based on EPPlus
You can use this tools to read a Excel file data.
My package description.
Excel file generator
read excel by silverlight.
My package description.
T1 common library
Excel Reader will allow developers to read excel file within 3 lines of code
DigiQuill Excel Importer Library
Uses OpenXml SDK to parse objects from Excel files
Wrapper for assuring startup / shutdown of Excel automation object. Nothing manipulates large Excel files like Excel. Ready functions: Sort, CSV to XLSX, XLSX to CSV, Column Reordering.
Mehr micro packages (libraries) Sepanta Software Development Team ( [-at-] sepanta [-dot-] com) Team Leader: Mehran Farshadmehr (m.farshadmehr [-at-] sepanta [-dot-] com)
Export to Excel,Word , Pdf, Html,CSV The data could be a C# class or a JSON/CSV string Examples: export=new ExportExcel2007<Person> (); data = export.ExportResult(new List<Person>() { p }); File.WriteAllBytes("a.xlsx", data); Process.Start("a.xlsx"); ...
Wrapper for fluent ribbon Excel add-in with Excel-DNA