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Aspose.Excel is the library for operate the excel file,just like import or export.
Excel file to OLEDB Dataset for Trueinfo PodoCRM
Package is an Excel file reader. More specifically, Excel's ".xlsx" format documents. It has various functionality that return data in the file's sheets. The biggest advantage is that there are multiple functions that return the data in different formats.
An assembly that operates a Excel,But,This is a crack assembly for Aspose.Cells Version Is。I hope friends with Excel import and export problems will also be able to simply use this awesome collection of programs!
Different utilities for exporting to CSV and HTML
Exporta DataTable para arquivo excel
Makes VSTO development with Excel far nicer, support DI/IoC, ViewModel per context (Document, Workbook, ApointmentItem etc), WPF like binding in RibbonXML, WPF Support and more!
This is a wrapper simplifying some of the functionality available in the OpenXML SDK v2.0. Currently only Excel functionality is implemented.
ExcelExport is a simple, fluent API to export data to Excel spreadsheets using OleDb. For sample usage, click the Project Information link.
Entity FrameWork Database Seeder from Excel
Printer.Gembox - small part of Zapos, responsible for converting report from abstract document model. Supports file formats: XLSX (XlsxPrinter) and PDF (PdfPrinter).
Include base constructions of zapos, like abstract document styles or description of the document model.
Constructors.Razor parse markup from razor .cshtml to abstract document model. Abstract model used on Printer.Gembox part of Zapos.
Facilitates streaming simple string values to XLSX (Excel 2007+ files)
Reads Excel xlsx files in Windows Desktop Projects and Windows Store Apps, C# source module, no dependencies
Command-line utility to create a compiled HTML Help Workshop file (.chm) for ExcelDna. To build compiled help file (.chm) the HTML Help Workshop must be installed. For examples see