Top 20 NuGet Excel Packages

My package description.
Excel file generator
read excel by silverlight.
My package description.
T1 common library
Excel Reader will allow developers to read excel file within 3 lines of code
DigiQuill Excel Importer Library
Uses OpenXml SDK to parse objects from Excel files
Wrapper for assuring startup / shutdown of Excel automation object. Nothing manipulates large Excel files like Excel. Ready functions: Sort, CSV to XLSX, XLSX to CSV, Column Reordering.
Mehr micro packages (libraries) Sepanta Software Development Team ( [-at-] sepanta [-dot-] com) Team Leader: Mehran Farshadmehr (m.farshadmehr [-at-] sepanta [-dot-] com)
Export to Excel,Word , Pdf, Html,CSV The data could be a C# class or a JSON/CSV string Examples: export=new ExportExcel2007<Person> (); data = export.ExportResult(new List<Person>() { p }); File.WriteAllBytes("a.xlsx", data); Process.Start("a.xlsx"); ...
Wrapper for fluent ribbon Excel add-in with Excel-DNA
Dependency Epplus
Labo Excel.
A pure js excel exporter. Export your data from html table or json data. You can give mapping info for customization. More information: