Top 20 NuGet Dapper Packages

The ExtCore.Data.Dapper extension component. Based on the ExtCore framework.
MassTransit Dapper support; MassTransit is a message-based distributed application framework for .NET
A simple CRUD mapping ORM By Dapper
A simple abstraction on top of the Dapper extension synchronous and asynchronous methods to aid testability. This is based on the original code by Andrew Miller.
Plato.Cache deployment package
Plato.Configuration deployment package
Plato.Serializers deployment package
Plato.Core deployment package
Plato.WinAPI deployment package
Plato.Dapper deployment package
Plato.Async deployment package
Dapper is a great tool if you want to write database-agnostic code. However, sometimes you need to access functionality that is provider-specific. This assembly adds support for writing Oracle-specific SQL, that supports all dbtypes used by the Oracle managed provider on a parameter, suppor...
Get an easily customizable backend running quickly using Dapper.
Yet another repository base on dapper with fluent api.
Contains Dapper specific implementation for infrastructure layer
Redis Cache For SmartSql
Extension handlers for entity framework
Vulcan 基于Dapper.NET的数据库链接托管类库,支持数据库链接管理透明化,支持事务包装,内置支持Mysql和MSSQL数据库,可扩展支持其他数据库,只要Dapper支持即可
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Package Description