Top 20 NuGet Dapper Packages

A library providing filtering functionality for Dapper(Extensions)
A small library that complements Dapper by adding basic CRUD operations (Get, Insert, Update, Delete) for your POCOs. For more advanced querying scenarios, Dapper Extensions provides a predicate system.
Repository with Dapper
An extension for MembershipReboot that adds support for using Dapper as the ORM.
Package Description
Simple wrapper with its factory for working with database connections (for example, Dapper)
Package Description
Allows for SQLinq to be more easily used with a little help from "Dapper dot net".
An easy-to-use timeseries database client that allows storing of masses of simple of data structures identified by a string id and a timestamp. This package has been discontinued from version 7.0.0 and onwards. All classes has been moved to Vibrant.Tsdb.
A branch of tmsmith's DapperExtensions
Lite ORM framework based on Dapper and SQL Query Generation from ServiceStack/NServicekit
Tool for auto generation of CRUD sql statements based on entities definitions
An idiomatic bulk insert interface for databases. Allows you to bulk insert arbitrary types to an underlying database using a fast insert mechanism specific for that database. Currently supports SQL Server, MySQL, and SQLite. Works on the IDbConnection with extension methods, like Dapper.
Provides very simple CRUD operation using Dapper.
Automatically creation and loading Postgresql database test data
Core Implementation for Dapper.Extensions.Linq